Gilad Sasporta obtained his degree in Art and Photography at Wizo Academy in 2005. He yearned for new experiences and moved to Paris in order to develop his talent and discover other worlds. It is here that he found his direction. 

His First Collaboration in Paris was with Flavor Magazine who recognized him as a talented and ambitious photographer. He then worked with magazines such as Harper's Bazaar, Tank, L’Officiel, Vice, Moje and many more. He has designed campaigns for Zara, Triumph, Atsuro Tayama, Nike, and Melinda Gloss. By performing his own styling, hair, makeup and direction, he has become known for his aesthetic in creating initial tests for models who subsequently become tops (Sigrid Agren, Ymre Stiekema, Lea Holsfuss, Cindy Bruna, Hana Jirickova, Susanne Knipper, Aline Weber). Sasporta stands out in his craft through his political philosophy inspired by his high fashion aesthetic. The richness of his art can be summarized in a current and modern world based on the human-being and away from fireworks. Gilad works between Los Angeles, New York and Paris.